The People’s Health Institute (PHI), a progressive non-profit research institute, was founded in 2006 based on the initiatives of health activists, researchers, and leaders of civic organizations. In accordance with the vision, PHI generates and disseminates information to support people’s decision-making from the perspectives of social justice and equitable health.




The PHI envisions health for all and health with all, to be a national and international center for excellence in our research areas and be recognized nationally and internationally for our contribution towards more just and equitable health.




Board of Directors

Dr. Kim Chang-yup (Chair, Professor, Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Health)

Mr. Kim Jung-woo (Director, Center for Community Health Research, PHI)

Dr. Jeong Baek-geun (Director of PHI, Professor, Gyeongsang National University, College of Medicine)

Dr. Choi Sun-im  (Professor, JEI University, Department of Nursing)

Ms. Hyun Jung-hee (President, Health Right Network)


Audit Committee

Mr. Lee Moon-seob (Certified Tax Accountant)

Ms. Jeong Hye-seung (Lawyer)





Jeong Baek-geun (Director of PHI, Professor, Gyeongsang National University, College of Medicine)

Health Policy, Health reform


Center for Health Equity Research

Kim Seong-yi, MA, MPH, Ph.D Candidate

Health Policy


Center for Health Policy Research

Kim Sun, Ph.D

Health Policy, Politics and Economics


Research Center on Global Solidarity



Center for Gender and Health Research

Kim Sae-rom, MD, Ph.D

Health Policy


Center for Community Health Research

Kim Jung-woo, MPH

Public Health


Seo Sang-hee, MA, Ph.D

Child(Youth) Health, Welfare


Postdoctoral Researcher

Jeong Seong-sik. Ph.D

Health Policy


Young Fellow

Kwon Jung Eun, MA



Kwon Sijoung, MA

Journalism, Sociology


Invited Researchers

Dr. Kim Chang-yup


Dr. Choi Hongjo



Rights to Health and Social Justice

Health Reform and Policies

Civil Society and Health-related Activities

Inequity in Health